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Our History

1987, the company was established in January of this year (formerly known as Shandong Chiping Guanghua Cooler Factory), 34H6 plate-fin cooler passed the provincial technical appraisal and won the Outstanding New Product Award of Shandong Province.

1988, the 6110 products was supplied to FAW Dachai as supporting products for the first time; on December 1, the tube cooler was successfully developed, and passed the provincial appraisal, which had filled the demotic gap.

1989, the oil cooler product won the “Gold Award at the Spark Program Achievements Exhibition of Shandong”.

1990, the oil cooler tube won the “Silver Award of the First National Light Industry Expo” organized by the Ministry of Light Industry of the People's Republic of China.

1992, the company's products were exported to the United States and Taiwan for the first time.

1994, general manager Zhao accompanied the magistrate of the county to investigate the auto market in the United States; the company jointly produced automobile air conditioning condensers and evaporators in cooperation with Senhong, a Taiwan company.

1995, general manager of the company accompanied Magistrate Wu to go to the United States to inspect the equipment. It introduced one set of double chamber vacuum brazing furnace made by Seck in the United States, which was the only equipment of the kind in China that measured up to the highest level in the world in the 1990s. The introduction of the device enabled the welding quality of plate oil coolers to have reached the international advanced level.

1996, general manager Zhao accompanied the county’s party secretary to investigate the auto market in Canada and the United States.

1998, the company passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, which marks that Jixing has obtained the passport for accessing the international market for their products.

1999, the company passed the VALEO1000 certification; Jixing oil coolers won the title of “Shandong Famous Brand”.

2001, Chiping Jixing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established after restructuring of the company; at the same time, it merged and took over the tractor station of the county and fulfilled the relocation project, offering re-employment opportunities for more than 100 laid-off workers, which was a problem confronting the county’s government.

2002, the company passed the QS9000 quality system certification in January; it also successfully developed the aluminum plate oil cooler and the intercooler, and introduced a continuous tunnel furnace from Japan.

2003, the company co-founded Chiping Jiaxin Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. in cooperation with a Singapore-based company; Jixing was once again awarded with the title of “Shandong Famous Brand”, and the company was rated as a “high-tech enterprise”.

2004, the company was named the provincial-level “Trustworthy Enterprise” by the government of Shandong; in March, governor of Shandong Province, Han Yuqun, visited the company to guide our work; chairman of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China, Mr. Zhang Xingye, visited the company to guide our work.

2005, the company passed the ISO/TS16949: 2002 certification;

2006, Behr company first visited our company for auditing in January; on March 11, the joint venture of Liaocheng Detong Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded.

2007, the aluminum tube oil cooler was granted with the patent certificate in June; in November, the company was rated as “National Excellent Foreign Investment Enterprise” by China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment; in December, Liaocheng Vehicle Oil Cooler Engineering Technology Research Center was settled in our company.

2008, the company was listed among the Class A suppliers of the American company THERMASYS; in October, the company expanded rapidly in scale, and Shandong Jiaxin Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. was established; in October, the company applied for setting up the Vehicle Oil Cooler Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province.

2009, the Vehicle Oil Cooler Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province – Jiaxin company was established in February; in March, the company applied for being approved as the “high-tech enterprise in Shandong”.

2010, the company passed the ISO/TS1694: 2009 certification at the first time; it also passed the audit conducted by Denso Corp. of Japan on our company for the first time.