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What is a car radiator?

Date:12/27/2016 09:12 AM

  Automotive cooling system generally by the radiator, thermostat, water pump, cylinder waterways, cylinder head waterways, fans and other components. Radiator is responsible for the cooling of the circulating water, which consists of three parts: inlet chamber, outlet chamber, main plate and radiator core.
  Automotive radiator materials and manufacturing technology developed rapidly, mainly aluminum and copper radiator, the former for the general passenger car, which is used for large commercial vehicles. Aluminum radiator in the light weight of the material has obvious advantages in the field of cars and light vehicles to gradually replace the copper radiator. Copper radiator manufacturing technology and technology has made great progress, copper brazing heat sink in passenger cars, construction machinery, heavy trucks and other engine radiator obvious advantages.
  According to the direction of coolant flow in the radiator, the radiator can be divided into vertical flow and cross flow. Radiator core structure is divided into tube-type and tube-type, segment-type radiator core by a number of fine cooling tube and heat sink composition, tube-type radiator by the corrugated radiator and cooling tube phase Arrangement made by welding. Under the same conditions, the heat pipe with a radiator area can be increased by about 12%.
  Automobile radiator is an indispensable component in the cooling system of automobile water-cooled engine, and it is moving in the direction of light, high efficiency and economy.

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