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How to check the car radiator know?

Date:12/27/2016 09:13 AM

Owners if it is found that water tank appear slack phenomenon, can go to the repair shop to check, change a new water tank, if the leakage situation still exists, the owner should consider:
1. Check whether the tank cover has fasten.
2. Try to fill air into the tank, take a look at the tank when the water pressure seeping from which position, and then make a decision fixes.
3. Screw the lid of the oil engine, to see whether the oil emulsification trace (punch or erosion phenomenon), if any, tear open change engine cylinder gasket.
4. Water quality has a problem.
If it is a car in the process of driving, because of the automobile vibration or traffic accident, make the water tank when the water pipe leaks, can according to the specific circumstances take measures:
Leaks of no more than 1 mm cracks or 2 mm holes, ? to water 

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