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Research system

  Technology development center will continue to market demand as the guidance, in order to increase enterprise economic benefits, the enterprise core competitive ability as the goal, increasing science and technology development strength, depth and breadth, and actively developing marketable new products. The company will set up step by step of major products direction decision for guidance, inspection and supervision of the technical committee, at the same time, invite the experts all aspects of major technical problems, the key project consultation, evaluation committee of experts, at present and shandong university, Shanghai tongji university to establish a preliminary cooperation relationship, and gradually raise the development products are scientific and technological content, at the same time implement go production, study and research combining, go production, study and research common development road.
  Technology development center for the development of enterprises to provide technical support and guarantee to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise and economic benefit and development power, not to their own profit for the purpose, emphasis on market consciousness, the overall consciousness, innovative consciousness and benefit consciousness. Centering on enterprise development planning, make sure the new technology, new product development direction, positively develops the domestic and foreign science and technology cooperation and communication, to establish open science and technology innovation system.
  A. to participate in the formulation and implementation of enterprise technology development strategy and technology innovation, technical renovation, import of technology, technical development planning and plan.
  B.leading research and development have the market prospect of the new technology, new products, new materials, new equipment, new technology, for this enterprise the upgrading of products and enhance the enterprise new economic growth point to provide technical support and services. Technology development center is responsible for the introduction of technology digestion, absorption and innovation, form with independent intellectual property rights of the technology and the leading product.
  C.The organization and use of technology and intelligence resources at home and abroad, and carry out a wide range of, various forms of domestic and international technology cooperation and communication, the use of scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad have on the whole and secondary development, and institutions of higher learning, research institutes and the industry enterprises to establish long-term, stable relations of cooperation.
  D.the collection, analysis and the related enterprise global technology and market information, research, industry development trends, products and technology development decision provides consultation, comments and Suggestions.
  E.Create the first-class working conditions, to establish an effective talent incentive mechanism, absorbs the domestic and foreign technical talents in various forms for the enterprise, the organization technology training for enterprises to train and bring up of high quality technical and management personnel.
  F.to speed up the progress of science and technology.

  ①Increase in technology development, with the existing product laboratory as the foundation, plan new adding new product testing, testing equipment and instruments, and so on. Research and development with independent intellectual property rights of the core technologies and leading products, so that the company's products to high technology, high added value, high market share direction development, keep the products, technology and quality in the industry advantage, develop core technology, the development of core products, create strong effective technology development ability.
  ②Pay attention to the development of high and new technology products, pay attention to enterprise product structure adjustment, pay attention to the introduction of new technology, digestion and absorption, make the enterprise technology innovation work more on a new level.
  ③Around the increase product variety, improve product quality, improve the economic benefit and improve enterprise technology level and process equipment capacity, etc., focus, adjust and optimize enterprise product structure, strong grasp opportunities, speeds up the development, on the basis of the national and industry development trend, and blaze a path to the old products as the basis, new products, supported by the development of high and new technology industry as the new growth point of the product structure adjustment of the road.
  ④Strengthening technical innovation talents team construction, to make the technical innovation talent attraction, utilization, incentive and evaluation of the relevant regulations, according to the modern enterprise the "people-oriented, being", in respect of the requirements of the development of talent at the same time, pay attention to personnel training and the introduction, reuse talents, give full play to all kinds of talents' wisdom and power. Through the recruiting college students, have experience in the practice of the technical personnel, for enterprise technology development center cultivating and reserve technology innovation backup power.